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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Leon Psyfire Mostert

Good morning!!! I hope your all doing awesome this week and snapping images like craze!!!

Today on da blog we have my youngest brother and friend Leon Psyfire Mostert!!
Well this is my brother and what a talented young man this is, he is a DJ and goes under the alias of Pysfire and he has his own record label Physika  records but the talent does not end there he also does the sickest ever decor that goes by the name NecroPhysics. He enjoys eating,braaing,drinking lots of beer and just having a good time. He hosts his own psytrance parties to and rips his tunes in his own style and is a mayour crowd pleaser!! So without anymore rambling here are some portraits and in the act of do what he loves best ripping it behind the decks images.

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