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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Fine Art-Flower Blue

This is one of my Fine Art images. I create these to build on a idea i have going. I am going to go through the process of how i created this image with you.

Canon 7D and 50 mm 1.8
ISO 100

The first part to creating a image like this is to have a idea or vision in your mind of what your trying to create. Sometimes the image appears out of nowhere and sometimes you will go out and find the said object to be the subject of your vision. I usually don't like finding a object and working in studio, what i like doing is having a vision of what I'm looking for and then go out and go see what i can find that closely resembles my idea or vision and then photograph it in the available light or sometimes i use off camera flash to create or boost the subject.

My favourite lens to use is my 50 mm 1.8 because it is a prime lens and they are sharper and they have small number apertures  which allows in more light and which gives me better bokeh to de focus and give separation from my background and make the subject of my image stand out better.

I photograph the subject from all angles to get just the right composition i need and from there il go home back up my image to a external hard drive. Then il upload image to lightroom and do some basic edits such as contrast,sharpening and exposure.Next il save my image to a tiff file and upload it to snapseed and do the rest of the editing in there.

I hope you found this interesting and please feel free to comment and ask any questions in the comments below. Have a awesome day and hope to hear from you :)

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Luke-Pro Skater

Hey there awesome people!! Miss me?? Of course you did i miss me to haha ;)

So your probably wondering what i did the weekend?!? Well il tell you then..curious ones lol i went off on a photo shoot with my friend Luke Charles Goliath and what a talented skater this young man is!! Hailing form the little town Mossel bay this kid knows how to grind a rail or bust a sick move!!! He does body boarding to and his other passion is munching hahaha have to admit i like eating myself(now if only i would gain some weight) anyways without any more long talking and typing here is Mr Goliath doing what does best!! :)

Friday, 21 February 2014

Couple Shoot-Beach Vibes

Well what can i say i love the beach and late afternoon is a awesome time to shoot some couple image on it!!

I have some friends who are getting married soon and i needed some couple shoot images for my portfolio to present to potential clients. I thought it might be a great idea to give them a free couple shoot to help me build on my idea :) Great idea rigth?!? Well yes and no....let me explain, first yes because it gives me a stress free environment to shoot in and get some awesome images for my portfolio and no because it was nerve wracking with the wind blowing and the tide rising the whole time making me freak for my gear all the time and i never got to try out my off camera flash!!

Anyway my friends name is Su-Mare and her guys name is Leonard and i must say what a beautiful,fun loving and totally in love couple of people!! It sure was a cool idea to shoot them on that windy beach lol :)  

So all in all it was a good day at the beach!! Here are some of the images i took, enjoy!!!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Good morning!! Today i will properly introduce myself. Well lets start with my name shall we hehehe ;)

I am called Ryan or Rhino either way that's what people usually call me. This is what i look like
haha, so a short introduction of myself will go as follow!! I'm a fun happy and mostly little mad in the head photographer from the little town called Mossel bay in South Africa, Western Cape.
I love photography like i cant go through one day without not creating at least one awesome image, it cries to my soul demands even that i create something to share with the world...passion yes lots and lots is that even the right word to describe my love for the art of photography...honestly i don't know haha!!!

I also like reading(mostly about photography) and being in nature and meeting random people along my travels.
I specialise in doing event and portrait photography and fine art.

So keep on reading and viewing my blog posts because il be taking you through my view finder to show you what my eye beholds and my vision i have to share of this craze,beautiful and fun,happy world we all live in!!!
Till next time have a awesome weekend!!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I thougth to myself that to introduce this blog to people id start by showing people some portraits i did of a friend last year, so without further bladering i hear by give you Johan Britz in Different Perspectives of a Friend.
 This first image was made by using some off camera flash from the side, camera was in manual mode as well as the flash set to 1/32 to just give some extra light from the one side.
 A plain brick wall in the back of our garden was used to photograph him against and to create a nice background that does not draw to much away from the subject.
 I made sure to focus on the eyes to have pin sharp images and also used a f stop number of F8 for enough depth of field. I used a 70-200 L series lens to further enhance the depth of field in the image.
 Gear Used: Canon 7D and a Canon 70-200mm USM IS 2.8