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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Fine Art-Flower Blue

This is one of my Fine Art images. I create these to build on a idea i have going. I am going to go through the process of how i created this image with you.

Canon 7D and 50 mm 1.8
ISO 100

The first part to creating a image like this is to have a idea or vision in your mind of what your trying to create. Sometimes the image appears out of nowhere and sometimes you will go out and find the said object to be the subject of your vision. I usually don't like finding a object and working in studio, what i like doing is having a vision of what I'm looking for and then go out and go see what i can find that closely resembles my idea or vision and then photograph it in the available light or sometimes i use off camera flash to create or boost the subject.

My favourite lens to use is my 50 mm 1.8 because it is a prime lens and they are sharper and they have small number apertures  which allows in more light and which gives me better bokeh to de focus and give separation from my background and make the subject of my image stand out better.

I photograph the subject from all angles to get just the right composition i need and from there il go home back up my image to a external hard drive. Then il upload image to lightroom and do some basic edits such as contrast,sharpening and exposure.Next il save my image to a tiff file and upload it to snapseed and do the rest of the editing in there.

I hope you found this interesting and please feel free to comment and ask any questions in the comments below. Have a awesome day and hope to hear from you :)

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