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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Good morning!! Today i will properly introduce myself. Well lets start with my name shall we hehehe ;)

I am called Ryan or Rhino either way that's what people usually call me. This is what i look like
haha, so a short introduction of myself will go as follow!! I'm a fun happy and mostly little mad in the head photographer from the little town called Mossel bay in South Africa, Western Cape.
I love photography like i cant go through one day without not creating at least one awesome image, it cries to my soul demands even that i create something to share with the world...passion yes lots and lots is that even the right word to describe my love for the art of photography...honestly i don't know haha!!!

I also like reading(mostly about photography) and being in nature and meeting random people along my travels.
I specialise in doing event and portrait photography and fine art.

So keep on reading and viewing my blog posts because il be taking you through my view finder to show you what my eye beholds and my vision i have to share of this craze,beautiful and fun,happy world we all live in!!!
Till next time have a awesome weekend!!

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